The Resource Center allows teachers from certain schools to shop for free school supplies. In 2017, the Center served nearly 100,000 students in the Twin Cities at more than 140 schools. Teachers at schools where 70% or more of their students receive free or reduced lunch are eligible to shop at the Resource Center.

Shopping Days & Times
Monday – Friday from 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m, along with special hours during certain holidays (MLK Day, President’s Day, etc).

Shopping Process
When you arrive for your scheduled shopping visit, you will find a clean, friendly retail environment. Our shelves are stocked with everything a classroom needs, with thousands of school supplies, office supplies, cleaning supplies, arts & crafts, furniture, books, and so much more.

After signing in at the front counter you will be given a shopping cart and a shopping list that includes all the items in the store and the limits you are permitted to take. You are allowed up to one hundred points to spend, with each item equivalent to one point.

As you shop, you will fill out your shopping list with the number of items you take (up to, but no more than one hundred items) and at the end you will proceed to the checkout counter and hand in your shopping list. Our staff will add up the points and assist in packing up your items. There are no cash registers or fees; all the items you take are free of charge.

Each scheduled shopping visit is 45 minutes. Please be prompt as there will be teachers waiting for their session to begin.

Contact Dale Walton – Office: 612-465-0135 | dalew@kinf.org